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Career Consulting for Engineers by an Engineer

I aim to help college engineering students who are of typically underrepresented minorities throughout all parts of their college career search.

I've been leading career workshops and 1-on-1 sessions since July 2018 and am looking forward to reaching new students and helping them in their career journey.

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Beatriz has been such a great help while recruiting, not just for full-time job offers but also with internship searching during the last couple of years I’ve known her. Being able to play to your strengths and paint yourself in the best light is a must in today’s competitive market for job hunting. From refining points on my resume, to giving tips on how to give an elevator pitch I’ve felt my capabilities for being able to not only express my technical abilities but also my more interpersonal skills will improve after receiving her advice.

Gabe C.

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My Story

Experienced Career Consultant

Hi there! I'm Beatriz Sousa. I am passionate about using my experiences to help empower college engineering students throughout their career journey. 
In college I was frustrated that the career advisors I met with were not engineers and thus did not understand my college experiences. 
Furthermore, as a Latina engineer, I realized that many of my friends were unable to get career advice that directly applied to their lives and often the ones they did find were too expensive for them. 

Thus, I am to help engineering students who are of historically underrepresented minorities throughout their career journey. 

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