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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Career Consulting?

Career Consulting is a type of advice-giving and support by someone with experience in that area. I like to provide my career consulting through 4 different methods: 1-on-1s, small group workshops, large group lecture & activity sessions, and asynchronous content review.

What are Your Fees?

For my large group lecture & activity webinars, these are free to attend. My workshops cost $20 total for all 6 sessions. My 1-on-1 sessions cost $20 and content reviews cost $10. I do have multiple bundles combining different services that come with discounts.
I have made my services as cheap as possible to accommodate the typical financial status of college students.  

What are the Benefits of Having a Career Coach While in College?

There are 4 main benefits that I believe come from having a career coach during college.

  1. Support. A Career Coach is there for you and actively listens to what you are and aren't saying. They create a safe environment so that you can ask those questions that you're too afraid to ask in a public setting. Most importantly, they help identify what obstacles are between you and your goals and help you create a path to what you really want. 

  2. Focus. A Career Coach helps you focus on what you really want to do and how you want to do it. They will help you discover what is really important to you. 

  3. Confidence and Developing a Personal Brand. Applying for a job is self-promotion, something that we hate talking about often. A Career Coach will help you get comfortable with talking about yourself, and be confident in the experiences that you have.

  4. Structure and Accountability. During college we often prioritize courses, clubs, and hanging out with friends over our career journey. A Career Coach helps hold you accountable to developing your resume, LinkedIn, and more the way that you want it and practice for any situation that may arise.

What Can I Talk About in my 1-on-1?

Anything and everything career related!

I'll send you an email before our session asking for topics that you would like to cover so that I can come prepared with some material for us to reflect on. 1-on-1's can range from building a resume, to creating your summary on your LinkedIn page, to finding jobs that fit your interests, to negotiating your salary from your full-time job offer, to discussing what opportunities you should take on to reach the career you want to pursue, and more!

The 1-on-1 is your time to work on whatever you want with me and take advantage of my expertise and resources. My time is focused entirely on you during these sessions so feel free to ask whatever you need to :)  

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